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Hello, my name is Manuela. Whether we like it or not, the world of work is a big part of our lives, that's why it is so important to do something that brings us joy and is senseful to us in a certain way. Me myself have already had the opportunity to gain experience in many professional fields. Customer Service, Sales Management and Tourism. For more then four years now I spend my work-time in the world of numbers and work as a trustee since then. Call me the good soul of paperwork and clarifications.

But since I am not only good at keeping your books, processing your tax returns, managing your payroll, or being a valuable support on your way to self-employment, I also have a faible for language and phrasing, it has always been easy for me to successfully write applications. Since I can't change jobs as often as I like to write applications, I have made it to my business to help other people find their vocation and the right words.

My passion is to take on challenges, try new things and grow beyond myself in the process.   

I am convinced that change is the key to success. Change requires movement and only those who move can move forward. In order not to just run in circles, you sometimes have to stop and ask yourself, where do I actually stand? What are my goals, what are my dreams? And why am I not actually realizing my dreams? Aware yourself that the path is the goal and that there is a solution for every hurdle, that gives the life so much more meaning and joy. Never limit yourself because you lack the courage, but have the courage to talk about your goals and dreams and let them step by step become reality.


Diplom Sachbearbeiterin Rechnungswesen
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